La Asociación Española de Nueva Iberia

New Iberia, Louisiana, USA

"New Iberia, The Lost Treasure"

New Iberia Spanish Festival ~ April 11-13, 2025





La Asociación Española de Nueva Iberia, Inc. (LAENI) is a nonprofit, volunteer organization incorporated in the City of New Iberia, Louisiana to serve as a vehicle for the recognition and promotion of the Spanish ancestry and culture in New Iberia and throughout Louisiana. LAENI, Inc. encourages, supports and directs programs and activities involving educational, culinary, music, and art exchanges while creating an awareness and deeper understanding of our local Spanish heritage.



2024 Parade Flyer

Spanish Festival Parade

Saturday, April 20, 2024 at 10:30 AM

  • ?  Any individual or groups are invited to participate

  • ?  Dance Teams, Marching Bands, and Royalty are welcome

  • ?  A liability waiver MUST be signed by all parade participants whether you are walking or   

  •     riding. Waiver attached.

  • ?  Any type of music must be family friendly.

  • ?  The use of vehicles (including Jeeps), tractors, and trailers are permitted

  • ?  NOT permitted in parade are horses, ATVs, motorcycles, dirt bikes, golf carts, SUVs

  •      w/sunroofs, etc.

  • ?  Parade line-up will start at City Park, 300 Parkview Dr.

  • ?  Floats will be located in New Iberia City Park, 300 Parkview Dr and will depart at 10:00 am

  •     for line-up at the intersection of Ann and Main St.

  • ?  Line-up starts 9:00 am

  • ?  Parade will begin at 10:30am

  • ?  Candy and throws are allowed no Tootsie Rolls.

  • ?  Please dress to impress (this is a Spanish Parade, after all)

  • ?  No alcohol or glass containers on route

  • ?  Deadline to register for the parade April 14, 2024.

    Please call/ Email Ashley Verret (337) 578-4535
    or Chantel Peltier 337- 380-5936 |
    For further info please visit our festival website @ Vendors will bear all responsibilities for their property and will not hold La Asociacio?n de Nueva Iberia Members or its members liable for any damages incurred at any time before, during or after Festival participation Vendors are responsible for collecting and paying taxes on merchandise to the appropriate local and state institutions as required. Area must be cleaned prior to leaving.

Spanish Festival Parade

Rules that must be followed in the Parade:

  1. No vulgar music, behavior, or dancing is allowed. Family friendly parade.

  2. Appropriate attire is required at all times.

  3. A liability waiver MUST be signed by all parade participants whether you are

    walking or riding. Waiver attached.

  4. The use of vehicles including Jeeps are allowed, floats are permitted.

    NO SUV’s with sunroofs.

  5. Candy and throws allowed, NO tootsie rolls.

  6. Deadline to register for the parade is April 14, 2023.

Start of Parade

· Parade will begin at 10:30 am.
· All participants must sign in at 9:00 am
· All participants will be issued a lineup number.
. Floats will be located in City Park, 300 Parkview and will depart at 10:00 am for
line-up on Main &  Ann St.

· Parade line up is in City Park. Bands and Dance schools will meet at Ann St. and Main St.

End of Parade

· The Parade will travel down E. Main St. and will conclude at the intersection of Jefferson Street. Floats will turn down Jefferson St. and will proceed back to City Park. 







2022 Board of Directors


Board of Directors

Brinkley Segura Lopez, President 

Lauren Greig,                     Vice President

Ashley Verret, Treasurer 

Dustin Johnson, Secretary

Darren Romero

Michelle Blanchard 

James Viator

Tessie Segura Dore

Barry Segura

Donna Gary

Korie LeBlanc 

Christopher Segura 

Chantel Peltier

Matt Lopez

Hannah Bee

Sydni LeBlanc

Sara Espinosa

Honorable Board Members, Queen, Chloé Mixon

Blake Miguez


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