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El Festival Español de Nueva Iberia  

Trip to Spain!

       Have you ever dreamed of traveling to Spain? 

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            Darren Romero

                Malaguenos Heritage Tour 2022

                       June 28, 2022- July 7, 2022

       This ancestry tour is specially made for the Malaguenos population that settled in 

                                                      New Iberia, Louisiana. 



The Malaguenos Heritage Tour will include:   

  • -  8 Nights at Hotel Cortijo Chico - Alhaurin De La Torre

    -  ALL meals

    -  Entrance to all excursions listed in the itinerary

    -  Genealogy expert and Archivist, Jose Manuel De Molina will be our host

       and guide throughout the week.

     IMPORTANT:  This is a preliminary itinerary and may be modified at any

     time before or during the tour due to unforeseen events or to improve

     or better accommodate the group.


     Wednesday, June 27, 2022- Overnight Flight to Málaga, Spain

     Thursday, June 28, 2022 -  Bienvenido a Málaga

     Welcome to Málaga.  Upon arrival at the airport, you will be met by your tour

     guide José Manuel De Molina. Tonight, you will have dinner at the hotel. 

     You will use this day as a day to rest and recover from jetlag in preparation

     to begin your wonderful journey of discovering your ancestral homeland.


     Friday, June 29, 2022 - An intro to the Alhaurin De La Torre!

     Delight yourself with a Malagueños treat of chocolate and churros followed

     by a reception with the Mayor of Alhaurin de la Torre.   After a visit with the

     mayor, you will enjoy another culinary experience at the best tapas

     restaurant in Alhaurin de la Torre for snacks and world-renown Iberian Ham.   

     Afterward, you will take a walking tour of Alhaurin De La Torre, stop for a

     photo op at New Iberia Avenue and return to the hotel for dinner.


     Saturday, June 30, 2022 -  Walking in their footsteps

     Walk in their footsteps in Málaga, the hometown of many of our ancestors.

     In Málaga, you will visit the harbor where your ancestors left Málaga for

     Louisiana, never to return again. You will meet with genealogists at the

     archives to learn more about your Malagueños history and visit churches

     where your ancestors worshipped as well as the church where Picasso

     was baptized   and see the home where he was born.


     Sunday, July 1, 2022 - Day trip to Ronda, Spain

     Visit the beautiful El Camino Del Rey, “The Pathway of the Kings”. 

     After visiting for a while and taking pictures, you will be on your  way to

     Ronda.  You will stop to eat at a place only locals know for coffee and

     local delicacies.  You will continue on to Ronda to visit a town famous for its

     bullfighting ring where you will learn about the famous “Romero” bullfighter. 

     You will see the famous Roman bridge and enjoy  the view of the

     whitewashed homes on the mountainside.


     Monday, July 2, 2022 - Day trip to Granada

     On the way to Granada, you will stop to visit the town of Santa Fe, which is

     famous for two things, it’s Pius IX (pinionos) cakes and that it is the place

     where Christopher Columbus met with King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella

     to sign the contract commissioning him for his trip in which he discovered

     America.  Once in Granada you will take a walking tour and visit the tombs

     of Ferdinand and Isabella.  You will have lunch at a local restaurant and visit

     the famous Alhambra Palace.


     Tuesday, July 3, 2022 - Learn to cook Paella

     Learn to cook paella just like Malagueños grandmothers made it at a paella

     cooking workshop. You will be a shoe-in to win the paella cooking contest

     next year at the Spanish Festival !!  In the afternoon you will take a drive up

     into the mountains to visit Marcharaviaya, Spain, the birthplace of Bernardo

     Galvez who commissioned the San Joseff, and to aid Spain in fighting against

     the British in the American Revolution.


     Wednesday, July 4, 2022 - Celebrate the 4th of July

     Today, you celebrate the 4th of July with the people of Malaga in a

     reenactment of the Battle of Pensacola.


     Thursday, July 5, 2022 -  Beautiful Cadiz on the Ocean

     Visit the beautiful city of Cadiz where your Malagueños ancestors stopped

     to pick up supplies for their long trip to Louisiana.  Visit the church and the

     marketplaces of the old city center.


     Friday, July 6, 2022 -  Historic Seville

     Take a day trip to Seville, Spain, the capital of Andalucía. You will visit

     Seville’s famous church and learn about the history of Flamenco dance. 

     Tonight, you will enjoy a farewell dinner at the hotel.


    Saturday, July 7, 2022 

    Adiós Málaga

    Today you will return home.


                                     Jose Manuel

 Jose Manuel De Molina, is a resident of Malaga and is the man who did most of the legwork

 that brought New Iberia and Malaga together as sister cities. 

 He is very excited about our visit and will make a very qualified host and guide for us

 during our stay. 

Jose Manuel



                                                                                                                                            Setenil, Spain 

*Option 1- Double occupancy room, Flight included- $3,385 per person + air                                                

*Option 2- Single occupancy room, Flight included- $4,100 per person + air

To hold your spot, you will need to fill a registration form and put down a deposit of $2,000 per person


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